It’s my first inspirational 2 minutes speech for Seymore Speakers club of Toastmasters International. I was extremely nervous earlier today and my voice trembled a bit during the presentation. Anyway, here it goes:

Reboot. It’s a very simple and short procedure that could yield very long lasting benefits. You reboot your computer when its performance becomes sluggish. It sometimes reboots itself when you try to stress it beyond its capacity. After a clean start, it is ready to take your orders again, and it generally performs faster and feels snappier, at least for some time. Even cell phones have become so much more sophisticated nowadays that they also demand an occasional reboot from their picky users.

As advanced as the modern gadgets are, they are still like awkward, wooden toys compared to a complex nature of human body and mind. We granted reboot capability to these toys but we often fail to apply it to ourselves. It’s time we learn back from our own creations.

We live in a fast paced world. We try to multitask but fall short because only few people can truly multitask. The rest of us simply switch-tasking. Still, we want to stay competitive and we try even harder. We want to be nice to people who surround us and we make genuine promises that we find it harder and harder to keep. We get caught in a vortex of resolutions , deadlines, promises, goals and numerous to-do lists. We often burn ourselves, we get stressed and
sluggish. It is time to reboot.

Meet with a person who you made the most promises to but weren’t able to keep them. Apologize and ask to reboot your relationship. Make one promise and keep it.

Throw away all your to-do lists, give yourself a week or few just to enjoy life without any guilt or stress. Compose then a new list with some goals that are really important to you and pursue them with a rekindled eagerness and enthusiasm.

Sooner or later we may find ourselves exactly where we started: tired and frustrated, but we will know what to do. Reboot, and start all over again.


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