New York ITARC 2009, Final Thoughts

During the Architect Boot-camp Paul ran through perspectives people have about architects and architecture and one of them was Cult of Personality. The idea is that some people respond on challenges, uncertainties and arguments in a somewhat predictable way: “Grady Booch already figured it out”, “Eric Evans solved that problem already”, etc. After 3 days of lectures, presentations and discussions I think I found an antidote for the Personality Cult.

All you have to do is attend a similar industry event like New Your ITARC. The biggest discovery for me was how individually smart but collectively distant though leaders were. Everybody was paying a due respect for each other but was also quick to note that they disagreed with many points as well.

As a side observer I didn’t think any of the statements of any of thought leaders were particularly wrong. In my opinion it’s all about context. Give me a pattern and anti-pattern and I can turn them upside down by changing the context within which they were applied. The same is with thought leaders. They worked for decades on a certain slice of a huge IT Architecture pie and they were influenced and constrained by a corresponding context. They figured out patterns and anti-patterns but they were not universal. So when I saw, for example, Rogers Sessions disagreeing with Grady Booch, I was witnessing a clash of different opinions stemming from different contexts and nothing more than that.

Next time I develop a Cult of Personality, I only wish it’s going to be within the right context.

Day 1
Day 2
Day 3


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